Club Safety

Fishing Safety Notice

Each angler is in the best position to assess their own capability with regards to wading and getting up and down banks. Whilst John Dennis has worked wonders with maintaining banks and croys, the Tamar is not the Test and it has to be up to individuals to use their own judgment as to the safety of wading in the particular river conditions, of gaining access to the river and to casting positions, and of using boats. People who are new to the sport or to this stretch of water must be particularly cautious.

Fly fishing is not a risk free sport, but risks can be minimized if you bear the following points in mind.

    1. We do not provide life jackets for boats. They are obviously a good idea for adults or children, who are not good swimmers, so if you intend to use a boat with a person who comes into this category, please bring your own. Otherwise it is best not to use the boat.
    2. The notes to the pools attempt to give an idea of some of the hazards and the degree of difficulty of the wading in the pools where wading is possible. However, these notes cannot be entirely relied upon because the river bed and conditions change from time to time. Thus each angler must use wading stick, particularly if wearing chest waders. Use it to test where you are about to place your foot before you do so and do not move one foot before the other is secure. It is advisable for those new to the sport to gain experience first with thigh, rather than chest, waders.
    3. Wearing a flotation device is essential if you cannot swim and it is also recommended if you are on your own or new to the pool you are intending to fish. Common sense will tell you that you must particularly careful in high water i.e. when the gauge at Endsleigh is at about 1 ft 8 in or more. Even when the gauge is below 1ft 4, the Tamar is in places a powerful river. We find that waders with metal studs are best.
    4. Beginners and children should always wear glasses and a hat that covers the ears when fly fishing. It does not seem to us that it is appropriate for us to make similar recommendations to more experienced fishers who will know the risks, particularly in windy conditions.
    5. Please take care on croys, banks, steps or bridges which may of course be slippery when wet. There is bound to be the odd slippery slope, stray root or hole for the unwary.
    6. You will know your own children’s/grandchildren’s capabilities best but obviously young children should be supervised at all times when they are near the river and children under 18 should not be allowed in boats by unless accompanied by an adult.
    7. We are aware that there are ticks infected with Lymes Disease at Endsleigh. Lymes Disease can cause serious illness. Please wear appropriate clothing when fishing and do check for ticks on both yourselves, your children and on any animals at the end of the day.

19 July 2023: Please download our Health and Safety Manual